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How to tell if a piece of furniture is solid wood?

AUTHOR:admin PAGE VIEW:607Publication time:2018/9/3 17:38:50

1.Scars turn into good helpers

Complete solid wood furniture has natural color difference, its colour and lustre, grain has certain difference, the defect on the furniture appearance that solid wood sticks leather is very few, its grain is clear even superior to complete solid wood furniture.Consumer can use the grain of real wood and scar knot, look respectively exterior and the corresponding position on the back side, if be deserved very good, it is pure real wood.Additional, see scar also is the good method that identifies pure wood, the one side place that sees scar is in position, find to have corresponding grain again on the other side.


2.Look at the cross section of wood

The furniture that combines to board wood identifies, simple character, it is to be in general chest frame and the position such as board of these large area inside drawer board is man-made plank.If the manufacturer affixes solid wood veneer to the artificial board, although the surface is smooth to improve the durability, but in the plate section can be found that two surfaces meet the grain, which is not in the normal growth direction, this is the main method of identification.


3. Fine nail holes shall not be missed

A few frames use solid wood, side board, shelf wait to use the furniture of particieboard of veneer veneer or medium density board, the central position of its plank is actually plywood or all sorts of waste wood.This kind of furniture sees sample to identify very hard, but when installation after entering, use the position of nail hole can see come out, if be particieboard have wood chip, density board presents paper pulp shape, consumer can use this one characteristic undertakes distinguishing.